What do you mean "RAW" audio?

Unedited, unprocessed audio. In reference to the service packages listed on this site "Up to 1 Hour RAW Audio / Episode" means the total time of the audio you send to me, before I perform any editing, should be one hour long or less to fit within that pricing tier. That includes the episode recording itself, theme music and any ad spots.

In the case of multi-track recordings where multiple hosts or guests are each recorded to their own track/file simultaneously the total time of the recording session itself is used. While a 1 hour multi-track recording of three separate hosts results in three 1 hour files (a true total of 3 hours of audio) so long as the recordings are made simultaneously it will be considered just 1 hour of audio.

Will you make my podcast sound perfect?

I will make your podcast sound the best it possibly can. Great audio recordings will sound amazing, good recordings will sound great and bad recordings will sound... better. You will be surprised what I can do with a rough sounding podcast but there is a limit to what anyone can do with bad audio. Sometimes issues like noise, unwanted sounds and distortion cannot be removed without further quality degradation. If a recording is particularly bad for one reason or another but you would still like to salvage the audio I will still work hard to make it sound the best it can.

Will you work on non-English language podcasts?

Unfortunately, no. I am only proficient in the English language so naturally attempting to edit a podcast in a language I don't understand would be problematic.

Will you transcribe my podcast?

With my primary focus on audio engineering I don't include transcription services in the general packages but if you need transcripts I can certainly add that to your package.

Will you mix and master music?

Outside of my own music projects I primarily focus on podcast projects but can get your music in the hands of a fantastic music engineer. Contact me for details.

Can I pay you after I receive my finished podcast?
A fair question but I only accept payment up front. If you are unsure if my services are right for your podcast I recommend placing a single episode (One-Off) order. If you are happy with the result we can upgrade your order to a monthly plan. You only pay the difference, retroactively receiving the better monthly per-episode rate for the One-Off order.
Do you offer discounts?

Yes! You can receive a discounted rate if you opt to include an ad for my audio services during your podcast. I also offer discounts for referrals! Contact me for details.