Advanced Podcast Editing

The flat rate podcast editing quote below is available if it fit your show’s needs. However, there are many other services available so if you have requirements beyond editing please contact me

  • In-Depth Editing

    Remove Ums, Ahs, coughs, mistakes and foul language (if desired).

  • Combine Multiple Segments

    Edit together all necessary segments such as interviews, intro/outro music, and ad rolls that you supply.

  • Mixing and Leveling

    Match and level the audio from multiple guests/hosts and sources.

  • Noise Reduction

    Perform noise reduction and audio clean-up to help your audio sound the best it possibly can.

  • Mastering

    Perform the final audio processing and deliver the final Mp3 file ready for publication.

Podcast Editing Rates

Rates are based on length of RAW AUDIO on a PER EPISODE basis. This is the total run time of all audio recording to be combined to make one episode.

Up To 30 Mins.

$45 / episode

Up To 60 Mins.

$75 / episode

Let's Get Started!

Drop me an email with information on what you need edited or any questions you might have and we'll get rolling!

Additional Podcast Services

There are many more aspects of the podcast process I can assist you with. I find it much easier to discuss what you do and don't need with you before attaching a price quote that doesn't match your needs.

What other services can I provide, though? Here are just a few that other clients have found helpful.

  • Remote Recording - We'll handle your recording utilizing a high quality remote recording solution. We'll also connect with you and your guests before the recording and stick around during to aid with any technical issues.
  • Podcast Launch - Guidance with each step required to get your new podcast off the ground and into Apple Podcasts and other directories.
  • Podcast Artwork - Eye catching cover art.
  • Show Notes - Up to 300 words based on the content of your episode.
  • Episode Artwork - Episode themed artwork featuring either the episode title, topic or guest information set utilizing a pre-existing template. If needed, I can create the recurring template based upon your branding or podcast artwork.
  • Shareable Quotes for Social Media - Quotes from your episode set to supplied artwork, episode artwork or stock images.
  • Website - Got a WordPress site? I can get your episodes on your website and looking good.
  • Podcast Host - Yes! For the right project I can even host your podcast!