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Complete Podcast Production

Want to simply sit down, talking into the microphone, and walk away?
No problem! You provide the voice and we’ll handle the rest!

Big project? We’ll be your dedicated podcast team.

Video Editing

Put a face to the voice! Record with remote guests over video chat or have a multicamera set-up? Perfect! We'll edit your video podcast, cutting between cameras and side by side layouts for a professional podcast presentation. We'll can even design slick overlays and motion graphics for that extra visual appeal.

Audio Editing

You have prepared for, organized and recorded your podcast. We can free you up from the tedious editing process so you can focus on creating more great content. Remove Ums, Ahs, mistakes and foul language as well as edit in interviews, re-takes or extra segments.

Podcast Engineering

Your podcast is recorded and nearly ready to go but it doesn't sound as good as you'd like. We will engineer your audio to sound the best it possibly can. Noise reduction, EQ, compression and loudness normalization.

Podcast Distribution

You have the podcast but how do people listen to it? We will work with you to set up the podcast file hosting, your podcast's RSS feed (the lifeblood of podcasting!), and get your episodes flowing to all the popular podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify.

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As I began to add more features into my episodes, I needed the experience of a professional to work efficiently. Randal is professional and efficient as well as understanding and helpful so I feel included in the process. I was able to free time to work on areas where I’m more adept and the quality of the episodes were improved.


Monica Rivera


I needed help making my podcasts more professional. Randal ended up saving one of my shows in which I thought the audio was beyond help. Very personable and very quick to respond. It is worth it!

Almost Educational Podcast Logo Round

Patrick Corcoran

Almost Educational and Make Dad Read Comics

Started a podcast as a part of our content marketing strategy and sound quality was poor after initial recording. Randal helped guide me through the process even though I didn't exactly know what I was looking for initially. Randal's services were great. Quick turnaround time, very responsive and improved audio quality. Hope to work together again.

Christopher DeLuca

I truly cannot speak highly enough of Randal, he has been a huge asset to the latesthackingnews.com podcast. Randal produced and voiced the podcast for just over a year. His adherence to schedule and integrity was unmatched, he will be a huge asset to anyone who hires him in the future.

Latest Hacking News Podcast

Will F.

Latest Hacking News

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Randal Silvey


Randal has been navigating digital audio since 2000. First as a musician then shifting to the world of podcasting. He has been producing, hosting and editing podcasts since 2012 and launched the Electronic Media Collective Podcast Network in 2014. Since 2018 he has been working full-time offering podcast production services.

Melanie Crawford

Podcast Host / AUDIO EDITOR

Melanie has been podcasting since 2012 as co-host of the pop culture show, The Grawlix Podcast. She specializes in detailed, in-depth audio editing and has been editing podcasts professionally since 2020.

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