Audio Services

Podcast Editing

You have prepared for, organized and recorded your podcast. I can free you up from the tedious editing process so you can focus on creating more great content. Remove Ums, Ahs, mistakes and foul language as well as edit in interviews, re-takes or extra segments.

Podcast Mixing

You’ve got all the elements of a great podcast episode. I will pull it together so that each part flows seamlessly into the next! Combine your intro, outro, music, ad spots and each track of dialog into one cohesive whole.

Podcast Engineering

Your podcast is recorded and nearly ready to go but it doesn’t sound as good as you’d like. I will engineer your audio to sound the best it possibly can. Noise reduction, EQ, compression and loudness normalization.

How does this work?

1. Record Your Audio

Record your podcast as you normally would.

2. Send Me Your Audio

Send me your audio recordings along with any theme music or additional files needed.

3. Edit, Mix, Master

I will do the necessary editing, mixing and mastering of your podcast.

4. Receive Your Podcast

I will send your finished podcast back to you sounding great and ready for the world to hear.



Up to 4 Episodes / Month

Up to 1 Hour RAW Audio / Episode

Basic Editing

Professional Mixing & Mastering

ID3 Tagging


Up to 5 Episodes / Month

Up to 2 Hour RAW Audio / Episode

Advanced Editing

Professional Mixing & Mastering

ID3 Tagging

Years of Digital Audio Experience
Years of Podcast Experience
Podcast Episodes Produced
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Audio Portfolio

Before Processing

Technology Geek Promo - BEFORE

Brandon Lipani

After Processing

Technology Geek Promo - AFTER

Brandon Lipani


About Me

I have been navigating the ins and outs of digital audio since around 2000 with a primary focus on music production. In 2012 I dove into world of podcasting. There I have been applying, strengthening and building upon my audio engineering and editing skill set. I continue to build upon them.

In 2014 I launched the Electronic Media Collective Podcast Network. From the three podcasts I was personally producing at the time the network has grown into a true collective of nearly 30 shows at present.

I am an avid listener of podcasts and have produced hundreds of podcast episodes myself. Offering my podcast audio engineering services is my way of contributing to this fantastic medium and enabling even more of it.

Randal Silvey - Podcast Editor and Engineer